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Interlocking Pools and Patios

If you are looking for a contractor to help you build a beautiful interlocking pool or patio, MJ Guardian Roofing & Landscaping Ltd. is the team for you. Get in touch with us today to schedule your building consultation and get a quote. Our affordable prices and construction expertise are just what you need.

Call (226) 978-0015 to get started.

Exceptional Pool and Patio Contractors

As experienced contractors, we are confident we can make your project come to life. No matter how big, small, or complicated your idea is, we will help ground the plan and make it happen. We have helped many clients construct interlocking pools and patios that they love. If you’ve been considering the idea, we want to help you build yours.

The ongoing success of our business depends on our ability to satisfy our clients with the quality of our work. If you want to work with a contractor who understands the importance of quality customer service, look no further than MJ Guardian Roofing & Landscaping Ltd..

Interlocking Patios

We specialize in building interlocking patios. Our careful craftsmanship and emphasis on the precision building have been responsible for countless beautiful decks in Ottawa and the surrounding area. We love building interlocking patios because there are so many possibilities for design. We will discuss all the design possibilities with you throughout the consultation and think of something great to build.

If you’re curious to get started, we’d love to hear from you and discuss the patio of your dreams. Please get in touch today to get started.

Interlocking Pools

Do you dream of having a nice pool in your backyard? If so, MJ Guardian Roofing & Landscaping Ltd. is the team to call. Interlocking paving stones are ideal for pools because they are functional and beautiful. We can do many different things to get you the collection you want. We want to sit down and discuss your plans in a consultation to get on the same page as you about the project.

Interlocking pavers allow us to make your pool look however you want—this versatile way of building an ideal for pool construction. Contact us to begin building the pool of your dreams.

Affordable Pool and Patio Builder

One of the ways we remain competitive as interlocking patio and interlocking pool experts is by keeping our services affordable. We will work hard at every juncture of the process to save you money. Being as experienced as we are, we know where we can cut corners and where we can’t, and the result is always a bottom that reaches within the budget planned.

Start Your Pool or Patio Project Today

If you have been looking for an expert pool or patio contractor to help you with your next project, MJ Guardian Roofing & Landscaping Ltd. is the name to know. We want to show you why we are considered the best interlocking paving stone contractors around, and the way we’ll do it is through expert craftsmanship, good customer service, and great prices.

Book your consultation with us today by calling us at (226) 978-0015.


MJ Guardian Roofing & Landscaping provides a full range of commercial and residential interlocking services that are meant to transform the looks of your property. Our interlocking contractors install and repair stone walkways. We also offer quality granite, marble, flagstone, asphalt services as desired by our client.

Turn your visitors to wow with complementary interlocking stonework and asphalt paves that are meant to provide a unique and beautiful hardscaping solution. We offer varying styles that match your home or office looks and suit your personality.

  • Interlocking Driveway
  • Interlocking Walkway
  • Interlocking Patio
  • Interlocking Stairs

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